What is my Purpose?

What is my Purpose?

Exodus 9:16 “But for this purpose I have raised you up, to show you my power, so that my name may be proclaimed in all the earth.”

Could you imagine God telling you that? Don’t forget that God literally raised Moses up from a place that he should have died. It is a narrative that represents the beauty of the gospel story. The Bible is full of those narratives. Last time I checked, God is not shy. Too often, people claim that they do not know their purpose. They make statements like: “I’m just trying to find God’s will for my life.” Most people are crippled by a belief that at some point in their life God is going to have an audible conversation with them and tell them exactly what they are supposed to do.

This conversation between God and Moses was extremely unique. Moses never got the opportunity to sit on his couch, open up the Bible, and read. It truly is a gift and privilege that we GET to read the Word of God and have access to it at any time of the day.

I want to challenge you today: if you don’t know the purpose of your life, maybe it’s because you don’t really want to know. In order to know the purpose of your life, you have to put forth the effort to find out. Now, I don’t want to make out the Bible to be an answer booklet for all of life’s questions. There is no manual or question and answer section that you can just turn to on a whim. However, reading the Bible leads us to the gospel story time and time again.

Ultimately, the main character of the gospel story is Jesus. We will not gain a lot of value from learning more about Jesus, but our lives will radically change when we grow in relationship with Jesus. Get to know Jesus; don’t settle for just getting to know more about Him.

That is our purpose. Our purpose is to know God and make Him known. The sooner you know that, the more freedom you can walk in. God gives you the freedom to discern what vocation and location is best for you. At the same time, He provides you with the clarity and simplicity of exactly what your purpose is in this world.

Maybe you have always known your purpose, but you have never stepped into it. I hope that 2020 is the year for you to live on purpose. God doesn’t make mistakes. So never believe that you are one. He made you with a purpose and for a purpose. The choice is ours to step into it or not. Don’t let 2020 slip by, live on purpose.

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Josh Lane

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