S3 Ep 3 Leading Yourself

S3 Ep 3 Leading Yourself

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S3 Ep 3 Leading Yourself - Show Notes
    • Leadership happens with yourself as much as it happens with other people
      • All season long we are asking the question: How does it feel to be on the other side of me?
    • Why is it important to lead yourself well?
      • We don’t become who we want to become on accident
        • When you get in the car and are going somewhere you’ve never been, you use GPS to get where you need to go. You don’t randomly stumble upon your destination
  • Are you becoming the person you will be on accident or on purpose?
          • Are you becoming the friend you want to have?
          • Are you becoming the man/woman you want to date?
          • Are you becoming who you want your spouse to be?
        • We have to evaluate our own lives so we can make decisions that will lead us towards the people we want to become
    • What are you saying no to?
    • What are you saying yes to?
          • How do we lead ourselves well?
            • Evaluate some areas of your life by asking yourself questions like:
              • How are you spending your time?
              • What are you watching or not watching?
              • What are you listening to or not listening to?
              • Who are you spending time with?
              • How are you growing or not growing?
            • Are the expectations/standards we have for other people the same expectations/standards we have for ourselves?
        • What decisions are you making that you have to justify?
              • The way we lead ourselves has a direct effect on the people around us

            CHALLENGE: Find one thing you are going to say no to, and one thing you are going to say yes to?

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