Believe there is a Way

Believe there is a Way

Growing up my family used to go to Disney World in Orlando, Florida every Thanksgiving. I loved it every year and always enjoyed spending so much time with my brothers, parents, and cousin! We have some incredible memories from those trips, and others that are flat out hilarious. However, there were some experiences that took a toll on me in particular. We typically stayed in the Disney parks until they closed, so it was always late, and we always needed to catch the last bus of the night back to our hotel. For some reason, that always meant that I had to run a really long way on to ensure the bus didn’t leave without our group of ten. 

That run always seemed so long, but when I ran I felt like the Flash—running at light speed without slowing down or getting fatigued! It was always an exhilarating experience for me and I always BELIEVED I could do it. To the strangers I was running by, it probably didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary; but, to me, it felt like I was saving the day! 

What I love about childhood is that children have the ability to believe that they can be anyone. A kid can turn couch cushions into a fort, a fork into a spaceship, and a pool noodle into a sword. If you give a kid a costume, they will often believe they are that character, or that they can be just like that character. 

The imagination and belief of a child is fascinating. It’s no wonder that Jesus calls us to have childlike faith (Matthew 18:3). 

Here’s what I know about children and their belief: they always have a reason for it. This is crucial because when we are lacking in belief, having reasons for that belief is something that we can fall back on. We can get back to our roots and believe that there is a way forward. 

In addition, to have belief we need a strong support system. We can attest to the necessity of a support system in 2020. We need each other, and we weren’t made to do life alone. We need each other even more in difficult times. Without community, care, and connection we can lose belief rapidly. This is why people in isolation can lose belief so easily. Without a strong support system, every single one of us can lack belief. 

The truth is that belief is what we need the most in challenging times! No one gives up or stops believing when everything is cupcakes and roses. People quit when they lose belief and they lose belief when times get tough. 

If you feel like there is no way forward...

If you’re about to give up...

If you want to call it quits...

If you have stopped believing...

Remember the reasons why you believed in the first place and lean on your support system to instill belief in you to keep moving forward. 

Yes, take out your phone right now and call that friend that you can count on. Pull out your old journal and look back on the days when God showed you something new! Pray for God to fill your heart with courage. Take one step, then another, and another, and keep going! You may get tired, times will get tough, the pressure will rise, but I need you to BELIEVE that there is a way! 

We can believe there is a way because we know the waymaker. His name is Jesus and He said this “I am the way” (John 14:6). Without Him, there is no way. But when we believe Him, there is a way! 

If you’re in the pit right now, believe there is a way out! The next time you approach a wall, believe there is a way! The next time you get rejected, believe there is another opportunity out there that God will provide for you! When you feel broken, believe that God can renew you! 

This Christmas season, let’s end 2020 full of belief! Choose to put off negativity and all forms of complaining. No one else needs to hear how awful this year has been, we need to express belief that things will get better—even if it doesn’t get better until we are called home to heaven. 

Keep believing, 

Josh Lane

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Great message. So many people suffer from depression around the holidays, even without a COVID situation. Always try to remember “this too shall pass” if you trust and believe in Jesus. J.W.

Joyce Wood

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