How Does it Feel to be on the Other Side of Me?

How Does it Feel to be on the Other Side of Me?

The 1Word Podcast is back and we are talking about LEADERSHIP all season long. We are talking about how leadership applies to so many areas of our lives. Specifically, we are asking the question, How does it feel to be on the other side of me? This is a tough question to answer, but a question to which there is an answer whether we like it or not. 

Have you ever been in a room with someone that you absolutely despise? Maybe with good reason, or maybe you don’t even know the person. Maybe you know them and are in the same room as them all the time, even daily. In sixty seconds you could make a lengthy list of things you don’t like about them.

The reverse is true too! Every now and then you find yourself in a room with someone or watching a video of someone that you admire more than you can say. Maybe a mentor, famous artist, or a friend from a distance. Whoever. In sixty seconds you could make a list of all the reasons you wish you were more like them.

Here’s the thing: People have that perception of you too. Whether strong or weak, good or bad, prominent or not, people feel something when they are on the other side of you. How do they feel? The answer to that question reveals the way you are leading yourself and others. Josh and I’s hope in Season 3 is to address LEADERSHIP with our own experiences and the experiences of others so that we can evaluate where we can make progress in leading ourselves and others toward where we want to be, and then take small practical steps to get there.

At 1Word, we believe that leadership is important because everyone is a leader. If you are reading this you have influence in some way, shape or form. In Season 3 we want to help you recognize the influence you have and empower you to lead yourself and others towards where you want to go. We can’t wait to dive into Season 3 with all of you, and hope you enjoy something from each and every episode!

Listen to the first episode here S3E1: LEADERSHIP 

Choose it. Rep it. Live it. 

Nick Waskom

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